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Okay, so some of you know that we have been doing some remodeling in in our basement. Basically we took half of it and had it finished out and we are going to make that into our family room, thus leaving our living room nice and clean and pretty for any potential visitors to our abode.

Just before we had Glo-Worm, we had Kent (hee hee…his last name is Clark) tear done some walls, put up some new ones and put a nicer floor in.  We knew wanted him to come back and redo the steps to the basement (sooooo grossss with water, dog and dog and more dog.) Which he started….2 months ago and is thiiiiiiiiiiis (first finger & thumb cm apart) close to finishing the steps. We also had him move a wall back and finish out the underneath of the steps leaving that open for a toy/play space for kids. One of the walls I am going to paint with chalk board paint…we considered the white board paint, but thought chalk would be easier to clean if it strayed from the intended wall. Anyhoo, I feel for Kent he has had drama after drama find him this fall; His wife hurt her back, his son had to have surgery, his sister is close to having a baby, his brother (or b-i-l not sure) passed away, one of the rental properties he takes care of had meth lab that blew up, and  the list goes on. If this is a case of not being given more then you can handle…dude has some serious shoulders (which also needs surgery by the way.)

All of that, leads to the title of this blog…originally Kent said it would take him two weeks to do our steps. Before he started I did every stitch of laundry I could find in our house. I figured we could get through 2 weeks and then it became two months. I did some laundry at Papa’s (who has the coolest washer/dryer ever and I salivate and at the thought of them) before Glo-Worm & I left for WV, and that was it nothing since. So the last two days I have been trying to psych myself up to get the laundry done. Which I have completed almost finished. Now comes the ironing of The Daddy’s’ work shirts.

Glo-Worm is army crawling around like crazy and moves crazy fast. He thinks trash cans are the best toys ever and power cords are teething rings. He is getting his two top front teeth and is letting us know by biting giving us love nips. Sadly since I have started back to work, the milk production has slowed way down to almost a complete stand still, so I think I am going to stop nursing and finish out his first year with formula (mostly at bedtimes.) He loves his little yogurt snacks and will eat them all by hisself. He has also decided that is the most fun to zerbert when he has a mouth full of food.

So far really liking the new job. The Daddy & I have been taking advantage of the perks (free use of the gym & the kids room.) I have been going to work out in the mornings. After The Daddy gets home & changed he and Glo-Worm walk me to work & The Daddy does his work out. Being in the kids room is great for Glo-Worm. He gets to interact with other kiddos and he is getting to used to spending time with people other than me & The Daddy. There are starting to be several regulars that come in the evenings I work. One even told me I was the nicest person he has met since he moved to Evansville. The staff is starting to get to know one another and relax a little bit.

So, that is about all we have…Oh….only 66 more days until Glo-Worm can wear his brace at naps & bedime only!


2 thoughts on “Laundry! · Laundry, Laundry bo Baundry Bonana fanna fo Faundry · Fee fy mo Maundry, Laundry!

    Shell said:
    September 19, 2009 at 12:21 am

    So the questions remains – is the basement actually done? Can you even get to the washer to to laundry? I don’t envy you that task at all!

    Ruth said:
    September 19, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    The basement is not finished yet….so close yet so far away…
    I can get to the washer & dryer, it is not an easy task manuvering around the construction stuff, but it can be done (barely).
    We are ready for the basement to be finished so we can clean it up and then purge the otherside of the basement…daunting task!

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