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MY BASEMENT IF FINISHED. We are starting to get our house back in ship shape order.Since the steps were not finished, we had to stain them. We took a piece of the flooring to the store to match…not so much. Every color that was even remotely close was to dark or to light…so we went for waaaaaay darker. We, I stained the step Red Mahogany with nary a drip to be seen. Feeling rather please with myself. We are loving the look fo the dark steps up against the white walls and light colored floor, groovy kind of contrast. When we have it all cleaned up and back in order I will post some pictures. We don’t have time this week, but we are going to over them with a polyurethane to help protect them a little more. The rest of this week is going to be taken up in cleaning the whole house.

This Thursday Tobzilla are meeting with some of the Library Mom’s to go to the Fall Festival.  Thinking Tob’s is going to love all the people watching. My little guy is army crawling like crazy and is super fast at it. He likes to race from where ever his at (living room, office, hallway) towards the back door and the whole time he is saying “da da, bye bye, da da, bye bye.” We have a feeling he associates bye bye with da da, since most of the time when Chris gets home they are going bye bye.

So very excited…Laura K and her family are coming to visit this weekend. I can’t hardly wait, having some serious withdrawl from The Best Friend. They are going to be staying with us at least one night. Not nearly long enough, have some major catching up to do.

I am already planning our December out. We have 5 birthdays (including Tobin’s), 3 work Christmas parties, Christmas with Chris’ family, Christmas with my family, and one 1st birthday party to plan. I am very excited about Tobin’s first birthday. We are going to try to have it at a hotel that has an indoor pool, that hopefully they will let us use if we use one of their conference rooms for the party…it’s going to be a beach party theme. Swimming, swimming, swimming and more swimming.

I think that is all that we have going on…


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