What I really should be doing is taking a nap

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or possibly a shower instead of being in the computer…

One of Tobin’s reading class friends had her 1st birthday this last weekend. We had such a great time, we took Bella with us and she said:

“this is the best birthday party I have ever been too”

Hannah’s party was a carnival theme. They had cotton candy, goody bags, and games galore. The kids could win tickets on the games to redeem for prizes. There was a table set up for coloring and crafts. There was even a clown for some face painting. Bad mom that I am, totally forgot the camera. I did however, get a pictures of Bella with her face painted:

Cheetta Face


We are, but maybe one weekend away from the basement being back to normal and ready to use for our family room. We have all the drywall dust cleaned up from the floor and the furniture back in place and vacuumed, washed and somewhat re-stuffed. I need to resew some zippers back in place and we need new stuffing for 3 of the pillows. We also need to finish cleaning off the entertainment centers and move the DVR back downstairs. We got a storage shelf for Tobzilla’s toys and have already moved them down there and have let him crawl around….he LOVES it. So much freedom! I put the final coat of poly on the steps (very thin layer don’t want to fall down the steps…again). YIPPEE!!!!!!!

The next big job…cleaning out the other side of the basement. The side that had all our storage and then all then all stuff from the finished side that didn’t have a home. When we clean…he have made a deal….serious purging. We re going to really get rid of a lot of junk and things we don’t need. It needs to be organized into a functional laundry room, crafty room, and tool room. BIG JOB.

Another big job that I want to tackle this winter…cleaning out ALL the closets. We both have more clothes and junk them we know what to do with. Chris is a collector of things that might be a collector’s item or might be useful…I tend to just collect things…and they all end up in closets. Yep, definitely a winter job.


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