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I work at a fitness club, I get to use the facilities and the kids room for no charge, it is within walking distance from my house, I really like the people I work with and the other club members (most of them anyways), so why can’t I seem to get my jiggly booty over there?

I have the best of intentions everyday, but something always comes up. Tobin, dishes, laundry, errands…poof the time is gone. Mysteriously vanished and then it time to get ready to go work.

I need the will power and motivation to just go, but completely lack it. I would really like a workout buddy, but have yet to find one. If I make an “appointment” to meet some one, I will show up. I even tried to pretend I was meeting someone, didn’t work. It was way to easy to talk my imaginary buddy of having to go. Any hints or ideas or tricks that you use to get the gym?


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