Not Much to Report

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I think this may be the calm before the holiday storm. Since Halloween not much has been going on.

Granna came over on Monday to watch GW for me so I could go get my hair done. I think they had an ok time, mom said he cried a lot. We also got mom set on Facebook.

Tuesday we went errand running…

Wednesday we had Born to Read…GW loves it…so much room to crawl. There is a little stage area in the room where the class is and GW crawled up the steps by himself.

Today, we are going to a lunch and learn at WOW about how to deal with stress of the holidays (not to mention the 9 birthdays in the next 3 months). Plus more errand running.

This afternoon and tomorrow I am going to try some new bread recipes; Chocolate Banana Bread and Chocolate Zucchini Bread.

My goal is to get all my Christmas/Birthday shopping finished before Thanksgiving that way I can really enjoy the Holidays.


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