Life without shoes with bars

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I have to say life without shoes with bars on them is FANTASTIC. Seriously. Tobin can now sit in a shopping cart correctly, which he loves, he can see everything and grab everything, he can walk (while holding our fingers), he is already trying to let go of those fingers. I can’ thank Dr. Deppe and the Hadi Shriner’s Hospital enough for the care and help they have given our son (it’s making me a little weepy).

It is kinda funny to watch Tobzilla move around, his feet still think they have a bar connecting them. The way he moves his legs and feet, is habit from having the bars on his shoes.

Thanksgiving was a blast and long day. We started the day at Chris’ Aunt Mary’s house on the extreme west side of Mt. Vernon. We ended the day at my sister’s house on the extreme east side of Boonville….looooooong day. Our Uncle Mike and my cousin John came for the holiday which was awesome.  We did out traditional “What are we thankful for” and my niece Sophie was thankful for her parents and pie.

Sunday we took Tobs to the Shrine Circus. We had been warned there was a loud boom at the beginning. We kept waiting and preparing (covering Tobin’s ears which he promptly uncovered)…and it totally scared the crap out of my kid…grrrr arrrrgghhhh. After that he was a-okay. He watched and seemed to enjoy the whole 15 minutes he made it through before he fell asleep in my arms.

After that we went to dinner with my father-in-law. I always enjoy spending time with him. I love how much he loves all his grandchildren and just wants to spoil them rotten. He plays with them and loves on them and just is happy to be around them.

I am so close to being finished with the Christmas shopping…didn’t quite make my Thanksgiving goal, but pretty darn tootin’ close. I just have a few things to pick up, easy stuff  i can get while out doing other things. I am 100% finished with stocking stuffers…YIPPY. We are going to put up our tree this weekend…getting Christmas music all ready….fa la la la la la la.


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