Only 15 Days Left…Seriously?

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Ay, yi yi…just not enough time.

We have a fabulous fake tree…I am a real tree kinda of gal, Chris is a fake tree kinda guy…he was more adamant about having a fake tree then I was about a real one…so we have a great fake tree. It’s already pre-lit, no stringing lights…until last year. A few strands went out last year…no biggie, I just hung good ones over the bad ones.  This year, the whole stinkin’ tree is out. I did de-light the top and strung new lights, just not enough time to do the rest of the tree so I am going to string over the bad lights. When I take the tree down I am going to completely de-light it then next year I will have to string new lights. Once I have the tree finished , all I have left are the decorations and putting the boxes away. Oh then all the cleaning we need to do before we have company.

A great BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to Keegan.  K-man is 2 years olds today. We had a great time celebrating with him Sunday. We watched the Boonville Christmas Parade…then we went inside and Keegan opened presents. I think he had a good time.

Tobin is getting better at walking everyday. He still not ready to let of the table or our hands yet, but he is getting there. He will stand with one hand on the table and use his other to grab some thing or to move to another piece of furniture. I loves being free of his shoes more often. I love him being free of his shoes. It makes shopping and going out soooooooooooooooooo much easier.

I have two gift left to shop for. Super easy ones at that. I need to get a couple ready to ship to NC and NJ…maybe aught to get those out this week. I have all 18 of my Christmas CD’s downloaded to my iPod, 14+ hours of Christmas music…love it. I will need to go shopping for a few things for my breakfast for dinner Christmas with the Schneider’s. I will also need to start getting things ready for Tobin’s birthday party next week.

Ay, yi yi not enough time


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