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My little baby is the BIG 1 now. It is so hard to believe he has only been in our lives for a year (seems like forever…in a good way). Glo-Worm is growing by leaps and bounds. He weighs a whopping 23 pounds, is soooooooooo close to walking.  Big thanks to Granna and Papa Phil for the stride-to-rides….he loves them and is using them to walk and ride around.

We had a great time at his birthday party.  We swam until we couldn’t swim anymore. Glo-Worm covered himself in chocolate cake (and The Daddy too). Everyone seemed to have a great time. He got a lot of fun toys that he has such a great time playing with. Here are some pictures

We also had a really fun Christmas. Glo-Worm picked up real fast after his birthday that there is something fun under the pretty paper and wanted to unwrap all the presents himself…one small piece at a time. We would start the paper for him and would grab it with his thumb and finger and pull small pieces off. PaPa got him a radio flyer wagon and Glo-Worm loved climbing on the box more than finding out what was under the paper.  Here are pictures of our Christmas:

Glo-Worm started to feel a little punk right before the holidays…he had a little cold.  The doctor gave him some eye drops and Benadryl. But, the cough would not go away by last Monday so we went to see th doctor.  Turns out our little man had bronchitis and an ear infection. I was also feeling ick on Monday and called into work and went to the doctor on Tuesday…turns out I had the flu and a sinus infection…yeah we were not pleasant to be around. We are both doing much, much better, we are still a little snarfully, but better.

Starting the New Year off with making sure I get to the gym. Thanks to Heather for being my workout buddy for now!!!! We tried to start last week, but the sickness kept me away.


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