Turbie Twist

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I love my Turbie Twist.  I received it as a gift at Christmas (Thanks Lorna) and I LOVE it. It takes up so much less space, it stays in place while I am getting ready, loving it!

I am not sure if we have mentioned yet…The Daddy has decided that he wants to complete at triathlon before he turns 40 (which will be this coming August). We are really taking it seriously, we started eating healthier (which will become a habit and is what Glo-Worm will grow up with, yippy little extra happy side to this), he up to running a whole mile non-stop (I hear those giggles), and he is working out at the gym. We have also started a little support group. We have people who are better at swimming and other better at running…so all their little tips will be shared among each other and also to help keep each other motivated. He wants to try a 1/2 marathon in March. If you are interested in joining his group please e-mails me.

I have finally found a mascara I want to wear everyday, and I do. For years I have only worn mascara when I had to.  It usually just clumps up on my eyes and makes then itch and does nothing to make my eyelashes look longer. Until now, Voluminous Naturale Mascara by Loreal.

Glo-Worm & I started back to his reading class today.  Very exciting, we are in the big kids (same age just walkers) now.  We have more advanced songs and books. My little guy was a little reserved today. Think it may have been all the new faces. He still had a good time, shared his snacks with the little girls.  He  will walk around holding on to one of our hands now and when he isn’t thinking about it can stand on his own. He can’t stand order, anything that is put away, folded, and stacked neatly….MUST BE UNDONE!!!! We go back to St. Louis at the end of February and will get even more hours of the day out of his shoes and braces.

The Daddy’s work won a JD Powers & Assoc award for like the 4-5 year and we got a 6lb Honeybaked Ham. I had no idea it would produce so much meat. We will be eating ham for 2 weeks.


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