1 Year (13 month) Check Up

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Our kiddo is on the right track.

He is a whopping 30 1/2 inches long, which places him in the 60% range.  Glo-Worm is a solid 23 pounds, 50% range. Doc says he is doing great and should start saying more words.  He has recently added hot dog, baa, and pretty…all with a little growl in them. I have tried to get him to say his name.  I will point to him and say “Glo-Worm, can you can Glo-Worm?” (Actually is real name, but since I am removing where we have our real names, I have substituted his nickname.)  He looks at me and smiles that sweet smile of his and says “Me”. If you ask him where his head is he will pat yours, same with the nose.  Our kiddo has a sense of humor.

He has figured out how to climb up on some of his toys.  We have caught him pushing them over to the gate and then trying to climb up, but gets his legs mixed up. We think he wants to climb over the gate.

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