New Phone & Flirty Boys

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So after 13 years with the same cell phone carrier…I have switched. It was mostly for economic reasons, but for some service related ones as well. In the last few years, for me, AT&T customer service has gone the pits, and the last few months their service has been rather spotty.  I rely on my cell phone.  We rarely use our home phone, our cells are our main form on communication, and I need it to work.  I did some research on plans, I asked people about their carriers and what they liked/didn’t like about them.  Overall, 50/50, about the same with any of them. So, since The Daddy gets a corporate discount with Sprint we went with them. My new phone

LG Lotus - via Google Images

is a LG Lotus and I love it.  It has a lot of groovy features on it.  My other happiness, so far I have had terrific customer service.  The sales people have been friendly, not pushy, the activations people have been really nice…I really hope this a great trend.

Yesterday, Glo-Worm & I went to the Sprint store and they transferred all my phone numbers over to my new phone and T Glo-Worm was so patient.  He played and talked and generally had a good time. Since it was getting close to nap time and he still needed some lunch, we went to IHOP. While we were there, there was a couple in the booth next to us, they kinda talked to Glo-Worm a little bit (which of course he loved). As they were leaving, the woman said bye-bye to him…he looked and her and made kissy noises to her. The guy laughed and asked him if he was trying to steal his girl…Glo-Worm just looked and him and smiled the most angelic smile you would ever see.  My kid has style with his flirting.


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