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We had our first trip for Glo-Worm to the urgent care this weekend.

So Saturday morning, I leave for work and GW is feeling fine. I get home from work and he wakes up from his afternoon nap with the pinkest cheeks ever. He wasn’t really acting like himself, TD finally called me downstairs and said that he been sitting with him for the last 15min doing nothing (soooooo totally unlike the Glo-Worm). So, I took his tempature and it was around 101, and gave him some tylenol.  After he went to bed, he woke up again around 10:30p and couldn’t get comfy and was feeling warm again. After a bit, I took his temp again and was still 101 and gave him some more tylenol, 20 min later he was finally asleep. He woke up several times (I think my longest stretch of sleep was an hour and a half)

Sunday rolls around and he played during the morning, his temp was down…thank goodness. TD let me sleep go back to sleep…thank goodness. He came in and asked me to try to get GW back to sleep…he was having none of it. I took his temp again and it had spiked to 103…not good.  I have him some more tylenol, and told TD if didn’t go down we would take him to the doctor. So I snuggled with my sweet baby for a bit.  I asked him if he wanted a bath and he seemed to want one…until he got in the tub.  GW wanted nothing to do with his bath after I placed him the tub.  So, I got him washed up and out of the tub.  We sat in his room, all wrapped up in  his towel, in the rocking chair.  I finally told him we had to get him dressed that laying there naked probably wasn’t going to make him feel better.

So, I got everything ready for diaper and clothing, lotion. As I was getting him dressed, he kept moving to his right side. At first I thought he was reaching for a toy, then realized something was not right. He wouldn’t respond to my voice, or snapping my fingers.  When I sat him up he couldn’t hold himself up and couldn’t focus on anything. Total this went on for about 5 minutes.  I told TD I was freaked enough to go to the doctor.  So we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Urgent Care.

The tested him for strep, checked his ears, his lungs, everything appeared to be normal.  The doctor said he may have had a fever induced seizure….YIKES! GW obviously had an infection of some sort since he had a fever, but they don’t know what it is.  The did a CBC to test his white blood count to determine if we needed to go across the street to the emerency room for further testing…whew we did not. They gave a perscription for an antibiotic and sent us on our way.

I called his pediatrician yesterday and gave him all the information. He said it sounded like he had a Febrile Seizure. Which is pretty common if toddlers.  It is caused by a rapid increase in body tempeture. Not even neccisarily a high temp, just a rapid increase. He go for a recheck with his doctor after he has taken all his meds.

Last night after three hours of him not being able to sleep his fever broke and he finally fell asleep for good and solid at 3a. So far today his temp has been normal…thank goodness.  He is staring to act like his normal self again.  We are still keep track today of his temp to make sure it doesn’t spike again, but glad to seem to be on the downside.

P.S. if there are tons of spelling/grammar errors….sorry, thought I got them on my read through and the spell check is not working


One thought on “Urgent Care

    Karen Stewart said:
    February 3, 2010 at 2:04 am

    Oh sweet Tobin!! You sure had a rough weekend, but I’m glad to hear he is doing better. Heather had a Febrile seizure when she was about 9 months old… scared the bejeezus out of me! You were a lot calmer than I was! Kiss Tobin for me, and give Chris a hug. You guys are the most awesome parents ever, and Tobin is a lucky little man. Miss you guys!!

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