Another trip to St. Louis

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So recently we took pictures of Tobzilla in some sweaters that were Chris’ when he Tobin’s age. out little model was so funny. Take a look at these:

I think he was getting the hang of the whole modeling gig by the end…

This last weekend was a busy, but fun weekend. Saturday night we went to dinner at Old Chicago for Heather’s birthday.  It wa such a good time and Tobin was on his best and most charming behavior.  He was in full-on flirt mode, blowing kisses and having a good time.

Sunday we made the trek out to Mt. Vernon to visit with Chris’ mom for a little bit and from there made the trip to St. Louis to the Shriner’s Hospital again. They said Tobin’s feet looked great, that he was doing a great job of walking and to keep up the good work.  We are still at the 16-18 hours a day mark for wearing his braces on his feet, booooooo…but we will do it. We also walked out of there with waaaaaaaay more stuff then we showed up with.  One of the patients grandmother makes bar covers for them, so we got a new one for Tobin. As we were waiting for Chris to get the truck, the Shriners gave us a quilt and told us to pick out some books: 

And to digress to a week-ish ago. For Chris’ Valentines day present I painted him a picture:


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