Nice Weather and Allergies

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Ahhhhh…spring is on its way.  With the lovely weekend we just had, I have had the first of the seasonal allergy attacks.  GRRRRRRR ARRRRRGGGHHHHH! So not a fan of the allergies. Ready for them to begone…where is a magic Allergy Begone wand when you really need one.

Also, the lovely weekend brought a lovely family outing to the zoo. Tobin was very excited to spend some time outside. We were at the zoo for about 2 hours and he probably walked for half of that. He was very into the fish (probably because they were moving the most). We kept trying to get him to look at other things and he kept going back to the fish. The otters weren’t very playful this time either, but Tobin liked crawling through the tube under their display.

I have renewed my vow to myself to start getting in shape.  I am not going for the super tight bod or anything like that.  I just want to feel healthy and have energy to play with Tobin since summer is coming up.  I want to get the hard part out-of-the-way now, so it is maintenance after that. I would also like to get in a little better shape so when we are ready for the next bambino(a) it won’t be so hard to lose the extra.

Tobin is a walking fool.  He is already getting so independent. I try to hold his hand and he tries to shake me off. Soon he will be a running fool, then a talking fool…..ahhhhhhh…when did my baby grow up…oh wait…he is still my baby <sigh of relief>.

Next week, I will be a single mom…Chris has to go out-of-town for 4 days for work.  Our families have totally stepped in and saved me from having to lose any work.  Granna & Aunt Shell are taking Monday night, Uncle Dubby & Aunt Andi and cousins are taking Tuesday night, Papa has Wednesday…Thursday is a little up in the air. Chris is supposed to be back in the afternoon; if he is…great…if he isn’t then I have a plan in place and only lose a couple hours of work. Plus, on top of that the time change is this weekend…ay ay ay…it will be an interesting week.

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