Rain Ruins the Best of Plans

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I am aware that it has been a long time between posts.  There was a plan…the plan was ruined multiple weekends in a row by the stupid rain.

A few posts ago I wrote about the cleaning out of the basement, going through things via Clean House style, and the yard sale. The basement got cleaned out (huge thanks to the TBN, Uncle Doff, Uncle Dubby, Aunt Andi & Papa Phil for watching the Glo-Worm the entire weekend).  I had to work part of Saturday, after The Daddy came to get me we went home to start clearing the basement (The Daddy cleared the garage…bonus…while I was at work). After almost 3 hours of continuous work we had everything removed from the basement.  This included, boxes, demolition of two work tables (The Daddy thought I was hot wielding a hammer), lots of random miscellaneous things all stacked into the backyard and driveway. At this point we had to stop, there was so much dust and animal fur (we used to have 2 dogs & 3 cats that lived in the basement) we couldn’t breathe.  We called it a night, took showers, watched a movie, missed our son, and slept all night.

Sunday started with a trip to Menards for masks. This was decided after we started on the basement again and realized we couldn’t get everything done without the masks due to all the aforementioned dust & animal fur. So off to the store we go. Since we had demolished the work tables that held all of The Daddy’s tools, we had to find something to replace it. Menards had something like this…only ours was black and a little more expensive. Missing our son, we decided to go ahead and pick him up…we got to spend about an hour and a half with him. Once we got home, he ate, Papa came to pick him up and he was gone again. We finished moving things around and cleaning the basement, went to put on the new shelves…the feet were busted on the shelves…another trip to the store to exchange.

So I took before pictures of the basement…mid-way pictures…but since we have had rain, and other things pop up the last few weekends, we have not been able to quite finish…so no after pictures yet. We have some more shelving we want to put up. This room needs to work for several things…crafts, sewing, storage, shop, laundry…we are getting there. Here are the pictures I have so far:

Glo-Worm & I had a great time spending the weekend at Uncle Dubby’s house for the yard sale. We didn’t make tons of money, but Goodwill made a killing off of us. In fact a TV stand TBN took to Goodwill ended up at a local resale shop. It was wonderful to have the family time more than anything.

While we were at the yard sale, The Daddy & TMK cleaned out the garage and the yardbarn at the rental house. The previous tenants left a lot of…for lack of a better word….crap. The rain has also ruined plans for working on the rental house. We bought some paint to spruce it up a little bit, but the rain has prevented us from doing that. So we are behind on several projects right now.

One of the nice things, we also had heavy trash pick in the midst of all this cleaning out. Everything that Goodwill would not take the trashmen did. The front of our house was horrid for three days with all the…crap…from both houses.

One of the nicest parts of the last few weeks was getting to spend a day with Sos & K-man. They came over and hung out, we went to the park, we had popsicles, all-in-all it was a fun time. When Uncle Dubby dropped them off, K-man wasn’t too sure about staying, so Uncle Dubby hung out for a bit with us. K-man loves balls and went around the basement collecting them and placing them on the couch next to his dad. Once they were all there, he climb up and sat on them and wouldn’t budge (unless he caught dad giving fruit loops to Glo-Worm). K-man didn’t even want to stay with us to play until I mentioned going to the park, then he wanted to stay. As they were leaving Sos spied a magnet on my fridge that said Princess…I told her that since I was mommy now I moved up to Queen and that a Princess should have the Princess magnet and sent it home with her.

Last week Glo-Worm & I went to the store early one morning…still in PJ’s…to get a few things…we went in, came out and the key would not budge in the ignition….grrrrr arrrrrgggghhhhh. I tried several things, called The Daddy he had me try a few things, The Daddy came to get us and tried a  few things, took us home, at lunch stopped and tried a few things, after work tried a few things, my boss went over and tried a few things…nothing worked.  I had the car towed to the dealer…over a week ago and should be ready today…still waiting. Thus kinda (ok really) sucks, because The Daddy & I were going to try to go out-of-town for a weekend in June and that isn’t going to happen now.

To end on a  chipper note…Glo-Worm went to the Doctor last week…he is super healthy and already doing all the things the doctor said we should looking for him to start. We have (meaning me) started teaching him colors. I have been trying to be specific when I ask Glo_Worm to go get things…where is your green hippopotamus?  We have been working on shapes and words. He is 31 1/2 inches, 24.9lbs, right at the 50% for both. He has been more and more insistent on feeding himself, in general doing things more on his own everyday.


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