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We have had an adventuresome few weeks.

A few weeks ago we had another trip to St. Louis for the Shriner’s Hospital. A friend of mine, Bob,  has a friend that owns some hotels in the area and said he would see if he could help us out.  This was great because we had been planning to make it a one day trip…get up at the booty-crack of dawn drive there and drive right back. We were sooooooooooo not looking to forward to that. Bob’s friend took great care of us…in fact he took extra good care and we ended up with two nights. With this added bonus we decided to stay an extra night. We thought, Glo-Worm is big enough now to enjoy the St. Louis Zoo, it was warm, we would go there Monday after the doctor.

…And then…Who knew you could do so much adventure (aka…getting lost) with a GPS?

Sunday, our trip was pretty uneventful. We made a trip to see Papa Phil & Grandma Lorna, Glo-Worm had one of his mysterious fevers (no other sypmtoms…just fever), we had lunch and were on our way. Glo-Worm got some children’s Tylenol in him and slept a good part of the way there…he always seems to wake right when we really have to pay attention to the directions. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant…not bad, not as good as they charged.

…And then…we had to find a drug store to get more baby tylenol…Adventure Drive 1(AD1), the road to the nearest drug store was closed for construction…we ended up taking a few back roads to another drug store and got back to the hotel okay.  The boys went swimming…Glo-Worm had a blast he was being real BIG and trying to swim on his own. There were also steps…climb up & down them a gazillion times.

Monday started off good. We had breakfast and went to hospital. This trip, Glo-Worm had pictures taken of his feet & x-rays. He did NOT like either one at all. Screamed like world was coming to an end. We then went to the nurse practitioner, she had him walk down the hall & back looked at his feet. While he was walking I looked back and she an odd expression on her face, my first thoughts were “Oh, Crap somethings wrong,” but all she said was “His feet look excellent, keep doing what you are doing.” We decided the look meant that she was having a hard time deciding which foot was the club foot. We also decided that it was nice to hear, as parents, we were doing good. We got some new straps for his shoes and they sent us on our way, and we go back in August.

…And Then…By the time all the hospital stuff is done it is Glo-Worm’s nap time. We get back to the hotel and get him to sleep, he’s been asleep for about an hour…Fire alarm goes off. Really? We grab Glo-Worm, diaper bag & purse and take the steps down the longest five flights of steps I have descended. We are just about to the bottom when the alarm stop sounding. The door we exit is to the side of the building facing towards the main entrance…no one and I mean not a single soul is outside the hotel, but us. We go back in the front and there are a few employees standing in the lobby…

The Daddy: “Ummmm…the fire alarm?”

Male Employee: ” Sorry, it was a false alarm.”

The Daddy: “Oh, ok, we just didn’t see anyone else outside…”

Male Employee: “Well, there aren’t usually that many people in the hotel around noon.”

What kind of answer is that? A non-answer….I really dislike non-answers….people should come with a “Like/Dislike” tab for those non-answery type of comments…

Anyhoo, at this point Glo-Worm is to awake go back down for his nap and we decide to head to the zoo. We find the zoo on the GPS set it go…

…And Then…AD2…apparently in St. Louis there is no exit 34A…it skips and goes straight to 34B…need to tell the GPS people that. AD2 wasn’t so bad, there was some construction and we had to take a little detour, but ended up at the right place and got a great parking space. The lack of nappage for Glo-Worm was starting to show. He was super cranky and really didn’t enjoy the zoo. He has started this little phase where he is scared of everything thing. He calmed down after a bit and started to look at things and have a good time. We didn’t stay super long and The Daddy wanted to go the Cabela’s store…so we find in the GPS and set to go…It’s like 2 miles away. I am thinking this great!

…And Then…AD3…We are driving along. We are going down this street where every side street is a gated street, there are huge old houses, we are enjoying this scenic strip…until the scene turns ghetto. Just like that, one street nice, next street is ghetto. The Daddy looks up the location on his phone and we discover that the GPS kinda found it. The address on the GPS was 5555 St. Louis Blvd, St. Louis…the actual location, 5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd, Hazelwood. We set the GPS back the hotel and get to a nicer area and then put in the new location and go. We really enjoyed the store which was attached to a huge mall…all we bought was fudge.

Earlier in the day we had decided pizza was going to be for dinner.  We had scouted out a few places near the hotel and in the end choose California Pizza Kitchen. We set the GPS at Cabela’s…

…And Then…AD4…we ended up in the parking lots of the St. Louis Airport. By this time The Daddy is very frustrated with the GPS and the AD (aka getting lost), then Glo-Worm picks up on that and is starts crying at the top of his lungs, and I am irritated…when in doubt set the GPS to get us back to the hotel…once we did that I found the CPK we wanted. By this time Glo-Worm had cried himself to sleep. We decided to let him sleep until we got our food. I carried him in, the place is crazy noisy, the door is making this slow creaking noise…he slept through it all. We got seated and ordered, I ate my appetizer and the pizza came. We had gotten a white pizza and after I had eaten a piece I leaned over to Glo-Worm’s ear and said: The Mommy: “Glo-Worm do you want some pizza?” His eyes popped right open…chanting “peta, peta, peta” then he looks at the pizza, pokes at it with his finger still chanting “peta” and then starting cry because he was sure it wasn’t “peta.” He ate a few bites, but not much else until my tiramisu arrived. He ate that like a champ, totally dissed The Daddy’s brownie sundae. A little side note about out trip to CPK…there was a drunk lady walking around outside that had peed herself, wiped herself off thorugh her clothes with her hand and wiped it on the window of the restaurant.

Tuesday was much less exciting. We went back to the zoo area to go the huge park surrounding the St. Louis Art Musuem.

…And Then…AD5…we decided that since the white “peta” was a flop we would find real pizza for the kiddo. We found a place, but the GPS took near, but not the right place again. So we decided to go the Old Spaghetti Factory. This was a great choice…

…And Then…AD6…The Daddy missed the exit…he wasn’t paying attention, can’t blame this one on the GPS, completely. We take the next exit it tells us to, which is closed for construction. We ended up just turning around and got there fine and had a great lunch. After lunch we headed back to Evansville. We got home just in time for me to change my clothes and go to work.

Since then the boys have been swiming at Papa’s a lot. Glo-Worm & I are planning a trip to the zoo Friday. We painted the outside of the house we are planning to sell.

I have been reminded recently that my blog is not only a way for me to communicate our life with the family and friends that live far away, but also to have a written history of sorts for our son (hopefull furture children). Having been reminded of that, I am going to work a little harder to keep this up-to-date-ish.

Here a few pictures of the last few weeks:

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