Water, Haircuts, & Summer Fun

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We love the water. We like playing in the sprinkler, the pool, a lake, a ocean…give us water & we will get in it.

We have spent a good deal of this summer in Papa’s pool, or the sprinkler…and we have loved it.

Last week Glo-Worm got his first haircut ever. He was such a champ, he sat in the chair and played while Marc cut his hair. Glo-Worm really, really looks like a little boy; I hardly see any of my baby left…glimpses every now & then.

This last weekend we decided it was time to start Glo-Worm on the road to putting himself to sleep. We went the Ferber Method (which is basically letting him cry it out). Apparently Glo-Worm all ready for this. He has hardly cried and has been asleep after the first or second round. Once again, my baby is growing up…this is harder than I thought.

This last weekend we also went to see The Daddy’s mom. We spent the day riding bikes and swimming. Glo-Worm had a blast in the kiddie pool.

Over to the side are the pictures from the last few weeks…enjoy

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