It’s hot Don…you can say that again…It’s hot Don

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Boy oh boy has it been a hot sweltering mess the last few days. Even on the way home it’s not cool…sweating before I even get in the door.

Being the great parent that I am, I took GW to the zoo the other day with a friend and her nephew (Heather & Jace). Even though we were sweating in places were sweat should never be allowed we had a good time.

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My other house is almost finished…hmmm I keep saying that…anyhoo it really is this time. After it’s all completed TD & I are going to get in there and clean…clean…clean…and clean some more. We need to put a new garage door on and reside the garage and tear down a yard barn. Once these things are finished we can put it on the market. YIPPY!

Things are still going well with GW putting himself to sleep. We had a little bit of a rough night Tuesday, but other than that he has been great. He does really well at nap times too, I think he cries a little more at nap time (more like a whine).

We are hoping to go on vacation the first full week of September…more on that later. We are really looking forward to it.

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