Weekend in Review

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1) Friday we met with a realtor to get ready to sell the other house…Good news she didn’t tell me there was no hope in selling, in fact she seemed real positive about it (in a genuine way, not a fake realtor way). Not so great news…had to sink yet even more money into it.

2) Saturday we got up bright & early went to Menard’s and got some plants. The realtor suggested we plant a few flowers to add some color to the front. We picked out some impatients and the plant girl took $10 off a hydrangea bush for us. We came home had some lunch and Papa came to pick Tobzilla up for the afternoon. We headed over to the other house…gues what? It shouldn’t really be a big surprise…our contractor was still working. He has project ADD…kinda like cleaning ADD…he goes to get something from the other room then forgets what he was getting & gets distracted by another project. This in no way helped my already super pissy mood. Chris & I worked outside, I planted while Chris weed eated. Then we had nothing left to do, so we went back to Menard’s and got a counter top & a few odds and ends. It was pretty obvious that our contractor wasn’t going to be done, so we left and went to go get our kid.

3) Sunday, I worked. After work Tobin and I went to a baby shower. There were several kids Tobin’s age for him to play with. After we got home it was pizza night and we had so much fun making pizza with our son:


One thought on “Weekend in Review

    MIchelle Haynes said:
    July 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Your realtor rocks! Your contractor sucks – sorry Doodie!

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