More Fun from the Summer

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This has been such a fantastic summer, for the most part…we are not going to dwell on those not so great parts this blog.

This past week we made the discovery that watermelon is Glo-Worm’s (GW) drug of choice…he gets all crazy-eyed when you offer it to him and looks like he going to bite your hand off when you take the bowl away. The boy LOVES, craves, tweaks for watermelon. Fair warning this is next part is TMI…he ate so much this weekend his poop was red & had those white seeds in it this morning (he is going to loathe me some day when he reads this.)

My baby also decided he was going to swim on his own this weekend. He walked down the steps at Pawpaw’s pool and just let go and kicked and puttered around the pool. He did this several times Friday and Sunday.

I have mentioned before that I have been working out with one of the trainers at work…he kicks my butt on a regular basis (thank you Beefy). TD has gotten a little off track with his workouts. To get him back on track we decided to add the P90x to our routine, I have heard from several people who it has worked for them & I have seen the results on them. Personally, I have chosen to add this because I want to be fit and have the energy to keep up with my son as he gets older and to keep up with any other kids we have. I want to be the mom that can play with him/future them for hours and not get tired (or as tired). So instead of this being just for me, which in many ways it is, I want to this for my family. Ahhhhhhhh, what martyrs we mother’s are.

GW is getting two more teeth in, bottom molars. This means looooooooots of snot and coughing and general crankiness. Today he has decided to test every limit. He does some thing he knows he is NOT supposed to do, I tell him not to and tell him the consequence if he does it again, he DOES it again, and I follow through with the consequence. ALL MORNING LONG! Hopefully his nap will cure him of this….really? Who am I kidding?

More picture for you to enjoy

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A few post back I wrote about GW‘s hitting and throwing. We took him to the doctor when he was sick, while we were there I asked for help on stopping this bad habit he had picked up. Our doctor recommended thumping him on the knuckles with our fingers and tell him that he wasn’t supposed to do….whatever he had done. This has worked wonders. He doesn’t throw nearly as much (still a work in progress) and the hitting has virtually stopped (he kinda swings out now & again when he is really tired, but I think that pretty normal). We still use the thumping when necessary, but it hasn’t been needed in a few weeks now (except today when he was testing….grrrrrr arrrrghhhh).


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