Abandoning 30 Days of Truth – More Family Tidbits

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Okay…total failure on the 30 days of Truth…good idea, actually carrying it out…not enough time in my day.

This month has been pretty busy. Tobin & I have started back to reading class. His vocabulary is growing every single day, multiple times. He didn’t get Halloween (which is ok, we really don’t need that much candy on our house). Tobzilla is an outside kinda kid! My son could be Christopher’s twin at this age.

Tobin had a great time at his reading group. We had stopped going for a few reasons: 1) a lot of the kids were a lot younger than him. 2) at the time he was still taking 2 naps a day (I miss those days) & his first nap was during reading time. We went back a few weeks ago and there are several kiddos about his age. He played with them a little bit, but seemed more interested in the steps & stage in the room.

He has soooooooo many words: more, up, elephant, pachyderm, hippopotamus, Frankenstein, witch, Tobin Phillip (he can say Schneider, but not all together yet with the Tobin Phillip). He is very much is to describing everything he his doing: running, fall down, excited, cry…as he does it he says it.

He dressed as a baseball player this year. We looked at costumes at the store and decided we didn’t want to pay that much for a 1x thing, so we got creative. We got him a onesie & I painted “SCHNEIDER” on the back with a big 23 on the back & a small 23 on the front (he is 23 months, that’s how we decided on the number), we got him some sweat pants, he already had a ball hat & bat..we were good to go. He didn’t get the whole candy thing, but that really isn’t his fault; we didn’t take him trick-or-treating. He had fun & that was all that mattered.

Halloween & Twins


One thought on “Abandoning 30 Days of Truth – More Family Tidbits

    Allison said:
    November 12, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I considered participating in the 30 days of truth, but knew there was no way I would publicly post answers to some of those questions.

    Good call on the costume. Super-cute baseball player 🙂

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