What DST Did For Me..

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…was leave me with a sleepless weekend.

Saturday morning T woke up around 1a, crying…”Scare-red, mommy, daddy, scared-red…” I went in and snuggled him, got him back in bed and asleep. Then 3:15a rolls around…”Scare-red, mommy, daddy, scared-red…” I went in snuggled tried to put him back to bed, but he was having none of that.  Tobzilla was WIDE AWAKE at 3a. We rocked in the rocking chair. We snuggled in the big chair. Finally I offered up my bed, T was all about that. We go to my room, snuggle down…I am just ready to doze off, when I hear…

T: “Noise” I open my eyes & he is pointing at the ceiling fan

Me: “Yes, it’s the ceiling fan”

T: “I hear wit”

A few minutes later

T: “Cars”

Me: “Yep, there are cars outside”

T: “I hear em'”

A little later he rolls over and reaches up to touch my hair

T: “Mommy’s hair”

Me: “yep”

T: “I feel wit”

Around 6a we  move back to his room and talk some more, and then I passed him off to his dad. My wonderful husband took T to Donut Bank and let me go back to bed for a bit. Sunday night was better, but Tobzilla woke up a lot. Think he finally back on track got two night of sleep.

For the most part our weekend was unproductive. I had to work all weekend, but we did get some good QT with the nieces & nephews. We went to spend some time with Bella Sunday for her birthday. It’s hard to believe she will 8 years old next week.

I have started my Christmas shopping. My goal is to have the real gifts bought before Thanksgiving, then after I will go shopping for stocking stuffers. I really like to enjoy the holidays & and feel the pressure of gift shopping takes away from it a little bit. So far I am finished with Dubby, Sophia, Keegan (b-day & xmas), Bella & TBN. I have Stephen, Becca, Kaidyn, Kye’ana, Krystal & Conner to go. Plus we have our own Mr. T to shop for.

For Tobzilla’s  birthday this year, we are going to do another swimming party. We had so much fun last year, we thought we could make it an annual thing.


2 thoughts on “What DST Did For Me..

    Chris said:
    November 13, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    ill bite, what is DST?

      The Mommy said:
      November 15, 2010 at 7:43 am

      DST…Daylight Savings Time 🙂

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