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Recently, TBF had this fun & amusing little tidbit on her facebook:

TBF – Dirty deeds and they’re dun-der-chi…

The Mommy i swore for years that is what they said…for years I tried to figure out what a dun-der-chi was…

Susie* lol I thought it was dunder sheep.

Dana* It is “done dirt cheap” isn’t it? I was never great at understanding lyrics, but that’s what I always thought it was.

TBF Yes Dana, done dirt cheap. Lol.

TBF Dunder sheep?!?! ROFLMAO that’s great.

Uncle Dubby I always thought it said dirty deeds and the thunder chief.

The Daddy lol, Ruth…

Don* you all are hard of hearing. lol. funny. i personally was never confused about those lyrics. just as brilliant as all of their other lyrics. (must read: sarcasm)

Right now I will share with you something that will have The Daddy scratching his head thinking…”she probably shouldn’t have shared that with the public,” but I am going to do it anyway.

For many years, I wondered what a Dun-Der-Chi was. I was too embarrassed to ask, because I was sure that every one else BUT me knew exactly what a Dun-Der-Chi was. I never dared to look it up on the computer, what if some one saw the history on that? Was a Dun-Der-Chi something to with your Chi? It made sense…dirty deeds did…uh…dun-der-chi????? Was some kind of tough guy slang? Thankfully TBN came along to ridicule correct me on this matter; after an eternity hours of laughter.

What are some lyrics that your found out later were incredibly wrong…but amusing?

*names have been changed

**Small addition to my last post…Who would have thought that I would need to maintain a positive body image for my son?


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