I Am Thinking.."Stubborn Kid"

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A conversation Glo-Worm & I just had:

Glo-Worm drops his Vinny (pacifier) on the floor
G: MMMMeeeeee (what he calls his Vinny/pacifier)…where are you?
Me: It’s right there (pointing to the Me/Vinny/pacifier right in front of him on the floor)
G: Mommy…GET IT!
Me: It’s mere inches from your hand you get it.
G: No, mommy get it
Me: No, you can get it if you want it
The Me/Vinny/pacifier continues to sit in the same place, mere inches from his hand, because I refuse to “GET IT” for him.

Thinking my kid may be stubborn. Thinking he must get this strange habit from The Daddy. I am never that stubborn. I prefer compromise, unless of course the compromise doesn’t work in my favor then..”It’s my way or the highway.”

Here in the next couple weeks are going to start the process of de-Me/Vinny/pacifier-ing Glo-Worm. We have had many people comment on his age & still using a pacifier. After much research, we found like many other things that are “BAD” for your child, the reality is about 50/50 on the “expert advice” scale. What made most sense to us from a children’s dentist that said pacifiers where generally ok until all of your child’s teeth had come in. It was after all the teeth where in that they could cause the most damage. Being armed with that we have stood by our son’s safety net of the Me/Vinny/pacifier, however, he has started to chew through them. Not a good sign. We have thought about how we are going to do this…Cold Turkey (nah, too traumatic), the Cry It Out method (like we did with his sleep…maybe), just take them away at intervals until he doesn’t even notice they are gone (just might be the ticket). Most likely we are going to a combination of the last two.

This is going to be a long process that we hope to have completed by the end of the year…maybe the end of January would be a better goal date…hmmmmm…


One thought on “I Am Thinking.."Stubborn Kid"

    Chris said:
    November 19, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    He just got SUPER excited when I opened a new one….

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