To Believe or Not To Believe in Santa Claus?

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I am a member of, it is a wonderful resource for advise, conversations and helpful hints at parenting. Today I was reading a thread about what presents are from “Santa” and from “mommy & daddy.” Which reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a co-worker.

I was telling my co-worker about our weekend plans, which included Tobzilla’s first meet & greet with Santa. I explained, since this was his first meeting with the Big Man, I was glad it was going to be a much more relaxed setting (it was at a friends Holiday Open House). He was going to be with other kids, new toys to play with, & no standing in line (huge plus since T is not a good line stander-inner) to get his picture taken at grossly inflated prices.

My co-worker commented/asked “So you’re going to teach him to believe in Santa?”

I looked at him and with my “DUH!!!!!” face and said of course I was.

He said that most likely when he had kids he wouldn’t teach them to believe in Santa. I explained to him for us, it was a fun, harmless fantasy (plus gives parents some thing to remind kids…”be good or Santa might not bring you anything this year”). I  told him I couldn’t even remember when I stopped believing or if I ever stopped (not in the Brittany from Glee kind of way, more in the wonderful idea of Santa). We had been told there was one & my parents never said otherwise….we just transitioned on our own & still get Santa presents at Christmas.

Now, I am somewhat realistic and understand that it will probably be some other child that debunks my kids belief in Santa (cuz it really won’t be me), but that is a few years down the road. I understand that children are a little more “worldly” now-a-days, and the unconditional belief in an idea or some one isn’t the same as it used to be. So, for as many years as I can get with the unconditional belief I will take them. I will let my children believe as long as they want to.

The question in the thread was about what gifts are from Santa & which ones are from mommy & daddy? I plan big presents and stocking to be from Santa and the smaller ones from mommy & daddy.

Tobzilla will be 2 this year and we want him to have a Christmas Morning experience. To enhance that excitement, we have decided not to place any presents under the tress between now & then. The idea behind this is that he will be used to nothing there & Christmas morning when we come downstairs be will have that “WOOOOOOOOOW!” moment.  Hopefully this not backfire on us and he is totally unenthusiastic about the presents .

What are your thoughts?

Tobzilla’s first meeting with Santa…it went really well…hardly any tears…


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