Rude People & A New Blog Site

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Recently I received an extremely rude e-mail that went some thing like this:

Subject line: “who the f#*k is this and do you think im stupid!”

Body: “i know you think your smart but you are NOT!!!”

I very confused by this unnecessary rudeness. I had no idea who this person was. I had no idea what we was talking about. I decided to respond:

Dear Mr So & So (not his real name),  

Seeing as how I have absolutely no idea who you are, the rudeness you have displayed is astounding.

Apparently you are not as smart as you seem to think you are. 



The Mommy

Mr. So & So’s response…

“i am smarter than u think i am if you can even think!n why the hell did u use my name for an email address? i do knom alot but my attorny knows much more, i suggest you STOP using my name for you email address! NOW, before i take futher action!!! comprenda!!!!????”So now I am amazed by his lack of spelling, punctuation,  and yet again rudeness. I don’t think  he thought for just a second; maybe my e-mail address was hijacked? That maybe I was a victim as well.

The Daddy made a good point, I should not have responded. Not only did I encourage him, I had given him my blog address, and it could have been some kind of scam….

So a few changes have been made. I deleted my old blog ( and created a new one. I have imported all my old blogs to this page. While I can’t change the content in them, I plan on few minor tweaks going forward. I will be refraining from using real names as much as possible. In a few cases this will be reduced to a nickname, a first name, or even acronyms. I will still display pictures, again no names. It may be a little late to take these precautions, it’s better late than never right?

My categories reflect these changes as well. I am still working on changing some of these…please be patient. Another course that I am considering is making my blog private.  This means you would not have access to read it unless I gave permission, but I am not positive this is a route I want to go yet.

Now I am not one to get all freaked out, there are some crazy people out there and taking precautions without going overboard is never a bad thing. I hope you continue to enjoy my jabberings, they won’t change much, and thank you for reading about our life as we know it.


One thought on “Rude People & A New Blog Site

    Chris said:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Yay, thanks!

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