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Recently I bought a new video game…Bust-a-Move Bash! It was as fun as I remembered, andbrought back a lot of fond memories as well.

For may years the long weekend of Thanksgiving was spent at a lake house at Kentucky Dam Village. It was a nice weekend of walks, food, going to antique stores, more food, hanging out, reading books, more food, family QT. One of the items brought a long was a video game called Bust-a-Move.  It’s a bubble popping game, you can play in puzzle mode by yourself, play vs. the game, or play against each other on a split screen. One particular year we played 175 consecutive matches with players switching in and out throughout the day/evening. We all loved this game and had so much fun and the competitiveness (all in good fun) was nuts. It was one of the year-long looked forward to events.

A few years ago the long weekends to the lake stopped. I still miss them, I considered those Thanksgiving weekends our annual family vacations. Packing virtually everything you would need: cooking pans, food, spices, clothing, list upon list  to make sure nothing was forgotten (which some thing usually was). No longer do we get to spend 4 whole days together just being a family, being together. We all have families now and the holidays must become shared not only with our immediate family, but with our spouses families as well. Life began to happen for all of us. I miss sitting snuggled up with TBN on a couch reading books or just chatting, I miss watching my brother grow up right in front of my eyes, I miss those quiet moments talking to Granna with no particular topic, I miss the bear hugs from Uncle David.

New traditions have taken hold since then. We now only get to spend the one day together, but we try to make the most of it. We have more family (Chosen & Not) to spend the day with. The one tradition I wish we still had time for is a day of  Bust-a-Move. Maybe we need to plan an Annual Bust-a-Move Party in January….oooooooooo….my brain is moving at the idea now! Food, drinks, family, Wii…..ohhhhh this thought process is making me very happy. Hmmmmmm, I will update you later on this 🙂


One thought on “Bust-A-Move

    your ol' unc. said:
    January 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Hey Sweetness —
    I miss the hugs too.

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