Oh to be Freshly Pressed

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One day I would like to be Freshly Pressed…

The Daddy would prefer this kind:

Borrowed from Goggle Images

I am talking about this kind of Freshly Pressed:

Borrowed from Goggle Images

I haven’t quite figured out the requirements to make it to the WordPress Freshly Pressed Page. Pretty sure the requirements are: what the Power-That-Be decide is interesting, most assuredly good writing, oh and an interesting topic to boot isn’t a bad idea. Most of my posting are catching up on what our family is doing…not real exciting stuff. Most of the time my writing is wrinkly (pun intended). On occasion though I have written a witty, emotional, thoughtful or serious post.  There have been posts on parenting, posts that have just been pictures, or ideas (i.e. Chatterboxes), post on what I deem an accomplishment, posts that have mere ramblings.

I very much enjoy the Freshly Pressed page. I have read many blogs  that have become favorites, most are one-time reads (sadly there is not enough time in the day to keep up on every blog I find interesting, I have to make the hard decision as to whether or not to add to my ever-growing list thanks to the Freshly Pressed Page), a few I have read and thought “Meh, how did that make it?”

One of these days though…the WordPress Powers-That-Be will stumble across my world in writing and decide that what I wrote that day was worth sharing with the masses. Some day I will be Freshly Pressed…


3 thoughts on “Oh to be Freshly Pressed

    Catherine said:
    February 2, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Hey there! I too, felt like you did. I really wanted to be Freshly Pressed, and then this past September, I was. Below I’ve included a link to a good article on ways to get Freshly Pressed. And, why not send a quick email to the editor and share with her your blog’s theme, purpose, and link to a few of your favorite posts? That’s what I did, and it helped get my blog on her radar, I think. Also, I’ve heard that it helps to comment on Freshly Pressed posts, so that the editor can see you are engaged in the community. Just some thoughts! Good luck!

    smilesndreams said:
    April 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I am pretty new to blogging, but I think I am on the right track and keep writing posts that (I think) are thought provoking or atleast interesting. I like to read the freshly pressed section as well, but sometimes I feel some posts are too simple/nothing special to be in the ‘FP’ section. So I think you need to be the editor’s radar as Catherine suggested!

      The Mommy said:
      April 20, 2011 at 7:46 am

      I read a few of your posts and so enjoyed them. Definitely think you are on the right path.

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