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Yesterday we took Glo-Worm blowing for the first time. He LOVED it. We met several of his library friends at Willow Lanes…six toddlers bowling…it was a blast!

I had purchased a coupon from a website called Groupon, they offer coupons to local businesses at seriously reduced rate. The coupon I got for Willow was $5 and included 2 games of bowling, a small drink & 1 shoe rental. Totally worth it, in fact I bought 3 since they didn’t expire until December 2011.

Our Monday FUNday group got together for the kids to bowl, they went back and forth between being avid bowlers (wanting to take every turn that wasn’t theirs) to being completely not interested (the Claw Game beckoned them).

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This past weekend was the 1st Annual Bust-A-Move in January. Granna stayed for dinner & a visiting, but headed for home just before the games began. Uncle David & Aunt Jan were going to try to come, but the pesky thing called weather put a ka-bosh on those plans (BOOOOO Weatherman!). Sos, K-Man, KK & Glo-Worm had a fun playing with Glo-Worms new toys. TBN, MC, Uncle Rodney, Wee-Ban, The Daddy & myself played some serious Bust-A-Move (after we finally figured out how to add additional controllers). KK totally beat the socks off all of us. The game eventually changed to tennis & bowling on the Wii.

Aunt Andi & Uncle Dubby took a date instead (can’t blame them) of Busting-A-Move, so we took Sos & K-Man for an overnight. They are so much fun. Sos was happy to “have girl time 2 times tonight.” She helped me air up the air mattress and we snuggled after Glo-Worm & K-Man fell asleep & watched the rest of our movie & chatted for a bit.

Pretty much any time with family is an unqualified success to me.


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