Working Weekend

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This weekend was spent at work for me. I worked Saturday morning at Impulse, which was supposed to be my only  job that day. Then , my phone rang and it was D (not his real name), sounding a bit like Marge, sick and wanted to know if I could work for him at Fitness 19. After confirming with The Daddy, I dashed home, changed my clothes, got some food, & headed into the gym.

Borrowed from Goggle Images

Towards the end of my shift, my throat was a little scratchy…I had almost convinced myself it was from cleaning and the dust that was stirred up. At bed time, I was not so sure. One bright spot in my evening, on my way home from Pawpaw & Lorna’s, I hit every GREEN light on my way home. If you live in Evansville, IN you can understand how exciting this is…it rarely happens. Oh, back to The Sickness…at bedtime I was pretty sure I was getting sick. Sunday morning, I was positive…I really thought I was going to escape it. As the morning wore on…no such luck. BOOOOOOOO….Big thanks to D, K, & Beefy for sharing your sickness with me.

This week I have had a series of fun conversation with Glo-Worm…


Glo-Worm: “Want raisins mommy, peeeeese.”
The Mommy: “Ok, I’ll go get them.”
Glo-Worm: “No, carry you mom.”
The Mommy: “Oh, it’s so nice you want to carry me to the kitchen.”
Glo-Worm: “No carry you mom”

As he sits there with his arms raised so I can pick him up.


Glo-Worm: “Mommy, come on, go walking. Want chocowate”
The Mommy: “No, I told you, if you want chocolate milk you need to eat your yogurt.”
Glo-Worm: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, want chocowate!!!!!!!”
Hmmmmm…this seems to be becoming a daily argument….


Glo-Worm: “Mommy clean up mess, now!”
The Mommy: “How about you help me clean up your mess?”
Glo-Worm: “Ok, I guess.”
When we finished cleaning up mess…
Glo-Worm: “Good job mommy, thank you.”

We have been working de-Vinny-izing (taking his pacifier away) this past week. When Glo-Worm gets up in the morning we have been taking the Vinny away and he goes without it for the morning. At nap-time we wait until he asks for his Vinny before we give it to him. After naps, take it away again & gets it at bedtime when he asks for it. The time that it takes for him to ask for his Vinny is getting a little longer everyday, the goal is that eventually he won’t ask for it at all

So more pictures like this:

and fewer like this:



One thought on “Working Weekend

    Catherine said:
    February 2, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Awww, he’s adorable. WITH or WITHOUT pacifier 🙂 Good luck with this!

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