Five Question Friday

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1. Have you ever hit an animal with your vehicle?
I have never hit an animal, but I have been hit by an animal. One night driving home a deer ran into the side of my car.

2. When you see a string on your clothes do you pull it off or cut if off?
Depends on my mood and if what if it’s “nice” or just “meh” clothing

3. Did you have your own room or share a room when you were young?
I shared a room, up until about 8 years ago I always had a roommate of some sort. I did purchase my own house, then I met The Daddy & now I have 2 roommates 🙂

4. Would you rather wear the same thing for the rest of your life or eat the same thing for the rest of your life?
Hmmmmmm…wear the same thing. I could wash it. I could wear it inside out, add accessories…make minor changes. I love too many different kinds of food to limit myself to the same thing every day.

5. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
My favorite memories of TV shows as a kid was coming home from school, getting my after-school snack 7 sitting down to watch Little House On the Prairie with my sibling & my dad.

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