My Face is My Fortune

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This seems to be a recurring trend in the entertainment world today. It seems as if aesthetics have replaced talent, even when the talent is real. There seem to be more teen stars in more trouble at the same time than ever. Miley Cyrus (seriously, the LEAST influential star TWO years in a row?), Lindsay Lohan (grand THEFT right after leaving rehab for the gazillionth time), and Demi Lovato (huge props to her though for acknowledging she needed help AND seeking it). Although, these three ladies actually have the talent to back them up, they seem to be forgetting the are in the PUBLIC eye. Everything they do is documented whether they want it to be or not.

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I have no concept of what they are going through, but they must have realized what they signed up for. When you are famous you WILL be followed, you WILL be photographed, and you WILL be written about. If it is all too much then get out of the spotlight. There are lots of stars that I adore, but rarely hear about their private lives. Like most people, they go to work, do their job, and come home. You may see some candid photos of them every now and again, but mostly they have regular-ish lives.

I recently had a conversation with my boss about the teen stars. It seems as if there are no consequences (with the current exception of Lohan) to their actions, if there is; it’s a slap on the wrists. Now I realize that what I am saying is a broad generalization about the young stars. It brings me around to my main-ish point. Our children look up to these young stars, male & female alike. I understand the need to spread their wings, experiment, find themselves…they need to figure out how to do with a little grace. I know there are a lot of teen stars that are NOT in trouble, unfortunately it is a case of  “One bad apple ruins the bushel.” The ones that end up in trouble reflect on all of them, and that makes me a little sad.

My other main-ish point is they are beautiful people (gotta love genetics), but there is also pressure for them to look a certain way and to always maintain that look. This is true of the entertainment world. I totally get it, we as a general public want to look at the above average beautiful person. This, however, puts pressure on our kids to feel they have to look a certain way. Stand in line at the store and look at the magazine covers….how many have at least one article on the front cover about losing weight, tighten your abs, buns, arms? You think our kids don’t see them too? The media perpetuates these ideas. TV gossip shows, gossip magazines…I will confess I am a gossip magazine junky (although I am on hiatus of purchasing the magazines, I do troll the websites).

Thiiiiisssssss Close

Now this may sound a little odd to be coming from the person who works at a gym…yeah that would be me. Our  gym prompts getting healthy, not the pursuit of perfection.  While we can’t control what each members goal is, most we talk to are in the pursuit of health. I am in  pursuit of my own healthiness right now. My schedule now includes 3 days a week to stay at work and do my workout. My goals are relatively simple: 1) I want to have the energy to play with my kid(s) 2) there are few items in my closet I am thiiiiiisssssss close to fitting back into 3) I would like to look decent in my swimsuit this summer.

Recently I have noticed several “Search Engine Terms” that have referred people to my post, Helping to Shape the Idea of Pretty. The search terms are mainly: plus size model, plus size models, plus size modeling. In the last two days alone I have received 42 views on this particular post. I am sure this is not exactly what the reader was looking for when they came to my blog, but I am glad they made it here anyway. The post was about helping my son (and future kids) to see past the pretty or not-so-pretty to see the real person. That The Daddy & I can be open enough to show them there is more to a person then just their looks. If some day they are famous and in the spotlight, they will be grounded enough to keep their heads in the right place. Even if they never become famous to have the kind of friends and relationships that last years.

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