Girls Day & Gorgeous Weather

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The last week or so we have had the most gorgeous weather. We tried to take advantage of it by spending as much time outside as possible (pictures of  Glo-Worm in slide show and more on Wordless Wednesday).

While I still have some of The Sickness lingering…the boys got the full thing the last few days. Snotty noses, fever, cough, lack of sleep…Oh my. Glo-Worm spent most of yesterday curled up on my lap. When The Daddy tried to take him, he cried or just said “NO, I want my mommy.” Which was just as well, The Daddy was not really feeling up to it, he was just trying to give me a little break.

Saturday was the Girl’s Day Birthday Day Trip. Granna took TBN, Aunt Andi & myself to

If you have never been there…you really should try to go (the link is attached to the picture). We had reservations for 1:30p, when we arrived we looked through the shops that were open. The weather was much cooler then we had anticipated, and I bought the grooviest wrap to help keep me warm. I have a feeling it will become a staple in my wardrobe. Since several store were closed (off-season), we went in to see if we could move our reservation up…Dude said “No such luck.” While we waited we continued to browse some of the other stores that were open. We found some interesting items.

We met the most Delightful Old Lady(DOL) at one of the antique stores. DOL greeted us so enthusiastically. She asked TBN what she was looking for, to which TBN replied “Something I just can’t live without.” DOL said ‘Well, that is prefect, because I bought some thing for you.” She was a little ray of sunshine on a dreary day (weather wise). Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything we could to live without, as we were leaving DOL sadly said “Guess, I bought the wrong thing.”

Turns out our reservation did get bumped up a little. We had the best lunch… Mozzarella sticks, flower-pot bread with strawberry butter (I also learned the top of the bread is Granna’s favorite part), a delicious rib-eye steak sandwich, and the mouth-watering COCONUT CAKE! We also had the best waiter (Aunt Andi made him blush). We also saw Fritzy. Aunt Andi coveted him the moment she saw him. When the large party that was hovering around Fritzy finally left Andi could go look at him. We left Fritzy there, but have a picture to hold us over.

After lunch we went to Benton, KY to another antique store. I purchased a perfume bottle to add to my collection. We also found a few unusual odds and ends there. We were disappointed they no longer had the imported antique furniture (it was one of our favorite parts). Finally we headed home. We sang songs, talked and had so much fun being together.

Thanks for a wonderful day Mom!

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