Not Much To Report

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This last week The Daddy took some vacation time. We didn’t do a whole lot since I still had to work.

The highlights of the week:

  • I got a Venti cup of yumminess & coffee cake for my belly Monday
  • Tuesday we found the-BEST-stuff-ever to remove paint. (I can’t find it online right now, but will get a picture of it later.) It safely took the paint off the cabinet, windows, carpet, lamp & floor.
  • We also got us some commercial grade stove cleaner (the previous Tenants in the house, the house we are trying to sell, had left a huge mess on the stove…they burnt through the drip pans…for real, I couldn’t make that up) that amazed and astounded us.
  • I LOVE when things work the way we want them too
  • We thought we had a plumbing issue with  the kitchen sink at the other house….turns out the little filter thingy just needed to be cleaned out.
  • We took Glo-Worm to play putt-putt. He a little freaked when we got there…LOTS of noise. Once I demonstrated what putt-putt (promptly hitting my ball in the water) was, Glo-Worm was all on it. The main purpose was to try to hit the ball in the water from there on out. (Sorry for the blurry pics, he moves at the speed of RUN)
  • We went to a hockey game for our own Evansville Icemen. They were having their first Beach Night and had asked The Boss Man to be a judge in the bikini & trunk contest…he asked me to go instead. It was okay, I had more fun talking to TBN & the other judges than watching the match. Not much happened.
  • The Daddy for selected for the Leadership Development Program at his company. So very excited and proud of him. This going to be a good opportunity to learn a lot, downside there is apparently a lot of travel involved for the rest of the year. I think that means I am going to have to breakdown & hire a babysitter for Glo-Worm.
  • I am so in love with my NOOK. Since I got it at Christmas, I have been devouring books. So far, only one purchased book…everything else has been from the library. I have read several series, random books, I have books on hold, I have about five checked out right now. My library has a great selection, my only complaint is that they don’t always have the entire series. Some times a book in the middle is missing or they have the book but not as an e-book.

So that is our week. Kinda low key.


2 thoughts on “Not Much To Report

    happykidshappymom said:
    March 7, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Too funny! Hitting the ball in the water is now the game. Love it.

      The Mommy said:
      March 8, 2011 at 7:54 am

      The deeper the water the better…he thought he would get to go in after it 🙂

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