DayShift, Time Change, Birthday Party

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Think we had a busy week? Kinda yeah…

We sprang ahead an hour this past week. Glo-Worm has adapted to the time change for springing ahead a lot better than the fall back. We have had some nice weather popping out that we have been enjoying and the longer days have been wonderful.

The Boss Man was out-of-town this week for the Fitness 19 Annual Meeting, this means I worked some day shifts. Day shifts also means I have to find babysitting for Glo-Worm from 1p until The Daddy gets off work. Aunt Carrie took on the Glo-Worm this week for Wednesday & Friday, The Daddy left work early on Thursday. Glo-Worm seemed to have a grand time. He talked about playing with his cousin’s all weekend.

Saturday I had to work, The Daddy & Glo-Worm went back to Aunt Carrie’s for KK & Key’s birthday party (22nd & 17th of March). While shopping for presents for the kids, Glo-Worm insisted we get Aunt Carrie a present too. He kept saying for her birthday, but I think he was going for a thank you present for watching him this week. HUGE THANKS to Aunt Carrie for helping our this week.

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This coming week The Daddy is heading out to Colorado for work…so jealous wish we could go with him. TBN and Papa Phil & Grandma Lorna are watching the Glo-Worm for me in the evenings.

I have been diligent about staying after work to do cardio. Still not up to running full-time yet. I am running for longer stretches though. That is going to shot this week, so I am going to do yoga at home this week.


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