Two Post In ONE Day…

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Okay so I know Spring is around the corner and according to the calendar it officially began March 20th, 2011.

So how come we went from this earlier in the week:

Glo-Worm in Short Sleeves Just Tuesday!

To this today:


Okay, so I am exaggerating…A LOT! We are really only getting a little sleety snow, more like cold rain. However, the weather changed so fast. The same day the first picture was taken that evening it was back down in the 40’s. Isn’t March supposed to be “in like a lion out like a lamb?” Thinking this year March decided to be a practical joker. This is the vision I have of what March is thinking:

“HAHA! Silly people, I just want to play with you. I changes it around…”in like a lamb out like a lion! RRRRRAAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!”

Ready for Spring, Summer, & Fall…the change over to the season’s suck.


One thought on “Two Post In ONE Day…

    happykidshappymom said:
    March 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Oh my gosh — it’s the same kind of weather here! And I’m so DONE with winter. I love winter. But I’ve been loving winter so long now that I hate it. It’s time to move on. I recently described this winter as keeping us in a holding pattern. Let me go, Winter! Hopefully soon Spring will win out.

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