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Part 1

A few weeks ago…our truck was broken into. Luckily there was no damage to the truck. Our UNSUB (feeling very detectivey right now) took a GPS (that I had gotten The Daddy as a gift), the dash mount for the GPS, and an IPod (that he received for a job well done at work).  It was right after The Daddy got home from his trip to Colorado. Glo-Worm & I dropped him off at home and made ourselves scarce so he could nap. After that we went to dinner, stopped by Bud’s to window shop, and went home. The next morning The Daddy & Glo-Worm took off to spend the day with Papa, The Daddy thought something was off, but couldn’t quite place his finger on it (we didn’t leave the GPS in its mount). On their way home, he figured it out. We called the police, gave them all the info. I called our insurance….$500 deductible…about same dollar amount as what was stolen…so we just have to replace at some point.

Then we had brilliant brainstorm…DUH! It’s a GPS…the company should be able to track it if it’s turned on. I e-mailed them, no response. The Daddy called them today. They said some about that it has to submit a signal and all it does is receive signals. Ummmmmm…how can it not submit & receive? It’s a GPS fr crying out loud! It has to emit some kind of signal for the GPS satellites to connect right? Boooo on them!

Part 2

So for the last couple weeks I have been shopping for new jeans. I have recently started thinking of jean shopping to be almost as depressing as swimsuit shopping. Back in the day you had one style of jeans…

Image via
Image via

Basically straight legs…maybe with a rip here, a zipper there (or all the way up to there), acid wash, dark wash. Oh, don’t let me forget…sitting at the natural waist. Not a lot of choices. It was easy, not always attractive, but easy. Affordable to. I remember my mom refusing to buy jeans that cost more than $10.

Now, there are a so many styles to choose from. Natural waist, mid-rise, low-rise, super low-rise. Skinny, boot-cut, relaxed, straight cut. Slightly distressed, really distressed, ripped all to hell.  Not mention all the brands now.

For me jean shopping has never been an enjoyable pass time. I am short waisted and long legged, so most of the time if it fits in one place, it will not fit in the other….grrrrrrrr arrrrgggghhhhh! So the new styles have worked a bit to my advantage. However, each designers “sizing” is NOT universal.

I went cheap the first two shopping trips. I went to Plato’s Closet, between the two trips I tried on 15 pairs of jeans. Now, part of problem is that I am in between sizes right now as well….another grrrrrr arrrggghhhhh! Last week I went to target…5 pairs of jeans before I gave up. Then I went to Old Navy and found these:

Women's The Flirt Boot-Cut Jeans

They were:

  • The right color
  • The right size (10…WOOT WOOT!)
  • The right length in the leg
  • The right rise (mid-rise)
  • They make my butt look good (and kinda perky)

So I bought them. I love them. I now have 2 pair of jeans that fit me.

2 thoughts on “Two for One Post

    notesfromrumbleycottage said:
    April 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I just did this myself. Hate jean shopping but it is better than catalog shopping.

      The Mommy said:
      April 14, 2011 at 3:22 pm

      I don’t mind catalog shopping for tops or summery dresses..ooooohhhhh or jewelry.
      Jean shopping this time around was brutal.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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