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So Glo-Worm is going to Day Care. He is VERY excited, me…not-so-much. He cried each time we went by to drop off his “apple-cation” (application) when he realized we weren’t staying or at least that HE wasn’t staying.

In tear-stained, sad voice “I go day-care mooooooooooooooooom.” <sniff, sniff, pout, pout>

Day Care - via Google Images

Let me digress a little bit.

My shift is going to be changing at work. I will be more of a mid-day shift instead of closing. While this isn’t happening right away, we wanted to go ahead and start the process of Day Care shopping. I put this off as long as possible. The thought of my kid in day care freaks me out. Not quite as much as the thought of it when he was six weeks old (that is a whole other story), but still I have been lucky enough to spend the first 2 1/2 years at home with my Glo-Worm. I have not regretted it for an instant.

Hmmmmm….seems I digressed a little more than I meant to….lets get back to the Day Care search…

We figured if we were going to pay for some one to watch GW, we wanted him to learn some thing. Tooting our horn a little bit: GW is super smart and articulate (for a 2 year old), and funny and social, we want him to excel. GW insists he is going to play football (yet another interesting conversation with my kiddo), I want him to have a fall back in case that doesn’t workout…smarts.

For Day Care shopping we (I) did the following research:

  • Asked people where they went, what they liked/disliked
  • We (I) scoured the 4C’s of Southern Indiana. It’s a data base of child care centers with state backed ratings, 4 being the highest.
  • We asked co-workers, family and random stranger’s (yes, I did) about Day Care’s they knew of that had good reputations’
  • We went to a Pre-School Fair at the library
  • We (I) scoured the internet for Day Care facilities

Things that we were looking for in a Day Care:

  • The hours really needed to be open until at least 6pm.
  • A minimum of a 3 Star 4C’s rating
  • Reasonable priced
  • Convenient for TD, he will be picking GW up 90% of the time

We finally narrowed it down to two locations.

Place #1

  • Excellent security
  • 4 Stars on the 4 C’s Rating
  • Immediate opening
  • Closes at 5:30pm
  • Not convenient for TD
  • It is an income based Day Care…we would have to pay the top end of the spectrum per week, $153.
  • GW was NOT vibing with the classroom he would be placed in if he went there. He was only kinda interested in the toys, not at all interested in the kids. In fact he was not really vibing with the entire facility. He was cool the large indoor play area, new-to-him toys, but the rest of the place not really. He is going to be spending about 6 hours a day somewhere, we want him to like it.

Place #2

  • Good Security
  • 3 Stars on the 4 C’s Rating
  • Opening at the end of May
  • Closes at 6pm
  • Super convenient for TD
  • Reasonably priced, $130 a week
  • GW totally vibed there. He immediately interacted with the other children and teacher’s. When the teacher offered for him to stay while I finished my tour, GW was all about it. “I stay & pway mom.”

After much discussion, we decided on Place #2.  A huge  part of me wishes Place #2 had an immediate opening so all this anxiety wouldn’t have time to build up. Another big part of me is glad a have another month at home with my baby.

This is also a month of changes for our little man:

  • We changed our schedule a little bit. We are getting up earlier so GW will be on Place #2’s nap schedule (which is earlier than his current schedule).
  • We are De-pacifiering GW. Last week we took his Me (his word for his pacifier) away for any time other than nap or bed time. At nap & bed time he only gets it if he asks for it. This week I am taking it away at nap time. Next week, TD will take it away at bed time. This will make GW Me-free for about three weeks before Day Care Starts.

So, Glo-Worm is going to Day Care.

Now, I bet you are wondering about the title for today’s post…Toddler Crack…

Our kids laughter is like crack. Once I get him giggling…I want more and more and more and more. It’s an addiction. If a baby or toddler laugh doesn’t make you smile you must be made of stone.

New conversation with my kid:

GW: “You a big girl mommy?”

TM: “Yes, I am. Are you a big boy?”

GW: “Yesh”

TM: “Is Daddy a big boy?”

GW: “No, Daddy a big girl!”

TM: “No, silly Daddy is a big boy.”

GW: “No, daddy is Honey!”


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