Is He Ready? Probably

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In a month of changes for GW, he has decided he is about ready for potty training too.

This month we have de-pacifiered him, started getting up a little earlier, and adjusted his nap time.  He did pretty well getting rid of his pacifier. We started no Me (his word for his pacifier) except for nap & bedtime. The following week, no Me except for  bedtime. The first few days of no Me for nap-time was a little struggle. Eventually he just wore himself out & fell asleep. By the end of the week, we would sleepily ask “Daddy give me Me at bedtime?” Last week he was supposed to have his Me taken away at bedtime, but with the whole staph infection thing, TD didn’t want to. Since that is mostly cleared up and I put him to sleep all weekend without it…think he is good to go tonight.

About a month ago, GW said he wanted to wear underwear like Daddy. I told him if he went pee in the potty I would buy him big-boy underwear. So, two-weeks ago….he gets up on his stool and goes pee in the potty. Keeping my promise we went to the store to pick out his big boy underwear. He took about 20 minutes to pick out the right pack…

Image via Amazon

He has managed to make it to his little froggy potty a couple of times as well. He is not ready to go completely diaper/pull-up-less yet, but he likes to wear his big boy underwear over them.

Friday was nice, we played in the hose….the rest of the weekend….cold & rainy….

"I hear choo-choo...Thomas Twain?"
"I get-chu mommy!"
He wanted to wear his boots & helmet...can't wait for his 16th birthday
TD trying to teach GW how to fish

2 thoughts on “Is He Ready? Probably

    notesfromrumbleycottage said:
    May 17, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Am I seeing blackmail material?

      The Mommy said:
      May 17, 2011 at 3:11 pm

      Oh definitely! Already hoarding away pictures for future girlfriends!

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