Our End of The World Weekend

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So according to some guy, the end of the world was supposed to happen Saturday…Yeah, Not-So-Much. However, if you are a ‘End of The World” enthusiast, I think December 2012 has an End of The World Day as well.  That leaves you with ONLY 577-ish days to prepare.

We celebrated the end of the world in style. We spent part of Friday over at Uncle Dubby & Aunt Andi’s playing with the cousins & visiting. GW had been asking for several days to go play with Sos & K-man, so we made a play date and Rapture weekend was gorgeous!

The kids riding on the power wheels
Playing & pictures of Sos & K-man

After our visit with the cousin’s we went to an Otter’s game. The Evansville Otter’s are a local farm league (baseball). TD‘s Work had a tent area blocked off for the employee’s & their families for the opening season game. GW was very excited to go to a baseball game.

WOW! Night at the Otter's

Saturday (Rapture Day), was fairly uneventful. We went & had breakfast at Donut Bank, then went to the river for a walk. I had lunch & reconnected with an old friend. Did a few more repairs at the Other House. We went out to dinner, came home and CRASHED! I was asleep by 10p and Sunday was still there when I woke up.

Sunday, we went back to the river to go see the train at the Evansville Museum and the model train show. It was super windy yesterday. After the river we went to the store to get new tubes for the tires on our bikes. It was just a fun weekend with my family.

A few random pictures from the weekend
On the train..GW was very interested in the Caboose
More pictures with the train
Looking at the engine & one of the train models
Super WINDY!

A little side story to the museum. My dad used to work there many years ago and I have so many fond memories of running around there. We used to sit of the roof of the Planetarium to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, we (TBN & myself) had the run of the children’s area. We saw all the Planetarium shows and we had the run of the train (the same one GW is playing on). What is now the Pagoda (the visitors center) used to be storage and the old ticket booth. I always go down memory lane when we visit the riverfront. It was a special moment to share some memories of my father with my son. To make new memories of the museum with my husband & son.


2 thoughts on “Our End of The World Weekend

    tracy said:
    May 23, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun lately. the end of the world and rapture stuff was a bit out of control last week, wasn’t it? i got so sick of it! argh!

      The Mommy said:
      May 24, 2011 at 7:10 am

      I know…entirely sick of it, but I guess the preacher guy came up with a new rapture date now….

      We had a fabulous weekend…rapture or not

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