Busy, Busy, Busy

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Very MIA the last few weeks. There has been a lot going on.

1)Memorial Day Weekend:  I had 4 1/2 days off in a row…not spending much time on the computer. We did spend a lot of time at PawPaw Phil’s pool. Swimming, food, family…the BEST! We also went to visit the LST 325. GW lost interest about half through the tour. Unfortunately they didn’t allow self tours, they are still doing a lot of work to ship and there are a lot areas a 2 1/2yr old can get that they shouldn’t. If you are ever in the area, you should visit. They have a lot of neat historical information, if you are into that kind of thing.

2)After the nice little mini-vacay…TBM was out-of-town. This means day shifts for me…an not spending much time on the computer. This was also the first week of GW‘s daycare. The week started off well…by the end he was begging NOT to go to daycare. The week was busy with trying to get to daycare & work on time and getting home early enough to do beddy-byes with GW.

3) GW got the croup, which I briefly posted about last week. Sunday night just before mid-night he woke up coughing and wheezing. He was coughing so much he got sick (about the time I picked him up), but after he got sick he couldn’t get any air back in. He calmed down enough to say he wanted some milk, so we headed downstairs and in the kitchen he got to coughing again, sick again, and was shaking like crazy. He finally calmed down enough again he & I were able to change our clothes and we took a fast ride to the emergency room. Thank goodness it was a slow night in the ER and I knew the nurse at the front desk. We were whisked away to a room where GW got his first of three breathing treatments. After the third one the ER doctor said procedure said he was supposed to admit him for observation, but felt confident he could go home, but was going to check with the pediatrician. The pediatrician said…better safe then sorry…admit him for observation. TD came home got us a few things and went home back to bed (actually his finished some work & then went to sleep so he could stay home the rest of the day). GW charmed the night nurses, they even brought some food. Think the food helps soak up some the access adrenaline running through GW, around 4:30a he finally crashed..which meant I got to crash…for three whole hours!

4)Just about back in the swing of things…GW wakes up with an ear infection Saturday morning. Which we knew was a possibility as a side effect of the croup. Luckily it seems to not be a very severe one. After getting sick a few times and some medicine he seemed fine. We also grilled out all weekend. We had burgers, mac “n cheese, tomatoes & cucumbers in Italian dressing and brownies Saturday and marinated pork chops, same sides on Sunday. I grilled the pork chops…FIRST TIME EVER on the grill…think I did pretty good.

5) I got a couple girl”s days last week. Wednesday I went swimming with TBN and Bee-Ya. So excited that TBN finally found a sunscreen that works for her! No more pasty whiteness, puffy lips or chemical burns for her! Thursday was sister day with me & TBN. We just toodled around town, had some food, did some shopping, spent some good time together.

Now with the sickness over, hopefully things will get back on track. This week starts my plan on getting & keeping the house clean…okay cleaner. Don’t think I could ever be super spotless clean, but at least cleaner. Plus I plan on getting back on track with my blogging. Hope the last few weeks have been well for all of my readers (thanks for stopping by!)!

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