Fabulous Weekend

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We had such a nice weekend. Great weather, great family, lots of fun!

We went swimming, we went out to dinner, we went to family dinner.

If you get a chance you need to get the game Quelf. We had so much fun playing. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much playing a board game.

Image via Wal-Mart.com

My newest boycott…State Farm Insurance. I have written here & there about the second property that we have. We rented it out for several years and for the last 18+ months we have been doing some simple renovations & trying to sell it (You help get some one to buy it & I’ll take you to a steak dinner, or fancy restaurant if steak isn’t your thing...just putting that out there). So my agent office calls me twice about 2-3 weeks ago now asking if the house is occupied…”We are just updating our records.”

Then last weekend I get a certified letter….”We are cancelling the insurance due to the house being vacant. You will receive a check for the premium in the mail.” So, just like that with no notice…I have no insurance on the house. Now the business, somewhat practical side of me thinks…this makes no sense. It’s like free money for them. Never made a claim in almost 10yrs, paid every single month…free money for them. GRRRRR ARRRRGGGHHHH!

Since this is the second time they have cancelled insurance on us…we will no longer have anything to with State Farm. If they had told me when they called to check on the occupancy they would be cancelling & why…I probably would have been mad, but I would have respected them as a company more. I feel they were being sneaky and underhanded. They totally left me un-insured, which the mortgage requires I have.

Now on to more fun things….Pictures from this weekend:



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