What a Weekend!

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The weekend started off great and took a turn for the…interesting.

Saturday we went got up and got ready…

We had breakfast at Donut Bank, then we dropped the truck off to have the quarter removed from the DVD player. After that we got the car cleaned, and headed to PawPaw Phil’s to go swimming. My boys love the water! We had such a great time.

We left to get the truck, have some lunch, then we went to Fired Up! TD & GW painted matching cereal bowls & I painted a large pasta bowl. I get to go pick then up next week. Pictures as soon as I get them!

Later that night MawMaw Lorna called, she needed help to get PawPaw to the emergency room. His back was hurting so bad he couldn’t move. They thought at first he may have an infection around his spine, but the CT scan didn’t show anything. So they kept him over night to get a MRI and a neurology consult. That is where things were when we left him yesterday.

While that was happening Uncle Dubby’s mother-in-law was life flighted to Louisville after a canoe accident.

I think TBN called Granna and begged he to be careful so there were no other trips to the emergency room.

So, yeah that was my weekend. How was yours?

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