GW’s Big Boy Bed

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Saturday GW climbs up on my lap and says:

GW: “Mom, I need big boy bed tonight.”

TM: “Really, you sure?”

GW: “Yesh mommy.”

Now, GW has one of those cribs for life. They start out as a crib, convert to a toddler bed and finally a twin size bed. All we had to do was take the front off of his bed.

Big Boy Bed

He was very excited about the bed

The neighbors behind recently got some chickens. They have figured out how to get out of their yard and into ours. GW, thinks they are a great new toy.

We also went to the park

That was pretty much our weekend.

PawPaw is back home. He was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon. He is still moving a little slow, but doing so much better.


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One thought on “GW’s Big Boy Bed

    […] so independent and such the little boy. I love watching him take on new adventures (like his big boy bed) and having a blast. 3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets? Color me […]

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