The Fashion Show

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At the beginning of August we decided for fun we would sign GW up for the Annual Dillard’s Kid’s Day & Back to School Fashion Show.

We had tons of family there: Granna brought Bee-ya, Sos & K-Man. PawPaw & MawMaw came bringing along Aunt Mary and Shanny. We made a whole day of it. The kids got their faces painted, they got to pet animals from the zoo, GW walked in the fashion show. We played in the play area, rode the carousel and the train…We had a fantastically fun day!

TD & I were chuckling several of the kids in the show were taking modeling classes or were in pageants…here comes GW with face painted, fireman boots on, with his balloon sword. He surprised us all by actually walking down the runway…very slowly, but he did it.

Started With Faced Painting


The Cousins All Painted Up...GW & I watching the Zoo People


GW Shaking His Little Tush On The Catwalk


Riding The Carousel


All Aboard The Choo Choo Train..All Aboard, All Aboard!


GW Crashed On The Way Home

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