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Since the passing of my father-in-law, PawPaw Phil, I have been thinking a lot about my father, my daddy, Ricky Roy Rosenmeier.

For many years I felt cheated about the amount of time I had with him, but then I remember Uncle Dubby had even less. With time and age, I realize that the time I had been more special, because now I have very specific memories that make me smile.

I remember the summers after moving to Boonville we did a lot of canning from our garden. He tried to make it as fun as possible. He would get National Enquire’s for us to read & we would watch soap operas on my little 13″ TV.

I remember after school, we got inside made our after school snack, and would sit down to watch Little House on the Prairie.

One day while TBN was polishing her shoes for band, he took her shoes laces and tied them in knots. He did this under the table the whole time we chatted, suddenly he pops up and this big black thing flies through the air and he yells “Spider!” TBN & I jumped and screamed…at shoes laces tied in knots to look  like a spider.

I remember him taking me to see Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom.

I remember being his assistant when he did a magic show at an elementary school.

I remember him taking me to get my driver’s license. Back in the day they had drivers education at school and if you passed the class and driving exams you could get a waiver and not have to take the driving test at them BMV, just the written exam. We went to the BMV and I took the written exam in about five minutes flat. Daddy was convinced I had failed. He said I took the test too fast, I was going to have to come back. I aced the exam and got my license that day. He was surprised, in a good way.

I remember watching him on stage at RPE (Repertory People of Evansville, a local theatre troop) and being amazed by his ability to change himself into another person.

I remember thinking he was fearless to try out all his passions and hoped one day I would be like that.

I remember feeling so loved by him. I remember feeling so special to him. I remember feeling cherished by him.

Daddy & I the day I came to live with him 7-14-1981
Daddy in the Infinity Mirror at the Evansville Museum, the picture was taken for a newspaper article

3 thoughts on “Daddy

    your ol' unc said:
    September 12, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Good, Roo. Love you.

      TM responded:
      September 12, 2011 at 1:54 pm

      Love you too

    TM responded:
    September 13, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Comments from my facebook:

    Phyllis Rosenmeier: You brought a smile to my face today too. Your Daddy was certainly a very good Dad! U Harvey and I talked about his stories tonight at dinner.

    Harvey Rosenmeier: Your Daddy was one of the smartest people I knew…very much like your Grandpa Rosenmeier. I can tell you many stories about him. I think I loved him more than life and his passing was a tremendous crush of my spirit. I can’t wait to see him again…♥

    Kate Rosenmeier: Love the pic you posted. That was the day you arrived to live with us permanently. We were all so happy… and Michelle had matching dresses. I still miss him. Tomorrow would have been our 29th anniversary. He was the most “full of life” person I ever knew.

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