I Was A Slacker Last Week

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I even had stuff to write about, but I took the week off any way.

We went to the Angel Mounds State Historic Site Native American Days. GW ran and ran and ran and ran and ran…and played in mud. He had such a great time.

Program from Native American Days
GW having fun

They had all sorts of fun stuff, finger weaving, drum making, education, jewelry, mud from all the rain, vendors. It was a great way to spend the afternoon with my guys.

We started shopping for a Halloween costume for GW. I thought about just letting him piece together whatever he wanted, but we would end up with him being one big weapons rack. He would cover himself with swords and axes and hammers. I think we decided on a Buccaneer outfit and we are getting a slightly bigger size so he can keep playing in it after Halloween.

Testing out the Weapons

I know I missed yesterday, but I am back on track this week with my posting.

This week is also the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. This is an event we usually avoid. There are to many people, rude people. This year I made a point to go down to visit one of my co-workers booths. I had a good Orange Float. I came home with:

  • A Sloppy Joey (Kangaroo Meat)
  • Chicken and Dumplings
  • Homemade Apple Cobbler
  • Chocolate Cover Pumpkin Cake Donut Balls
  • A Grilled Tenderloin

The trick is go first thing in the morning before every one gets there. If we want to take GW to ride any rides it would have to be after 2p…hmmmmm, not sure about that.


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