Today I am an Irked Momma

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Not irked at any specific person, irked at a situation.

I am angry at plumbing.

I know totally irrational.

Doesn’t matter, because I am still angry.

Our garbage disposal stopped working a few weeks ago. TD got it stuck in his head that I should replace it. This lead to a few weeks of inaction. I finally convinced him to replace it this weekend. After it was replaced…low and behold there is a clog in the drain. So now I wonder if we had just replaced it a few weeks ago when it stopped working…would we have the clog now…this is why I am irked. I keep thinking there was a chance that this might not have gotten so bad if we had just taken care of it in the first place.

So today, I tried being Go Go Gadget Plumber Girl…turns out my efforts only caused a bigger problem and now we have to call a plumber and spend a gazillion dollars.

Not a Happy Momma today.


One thought on “Today I am an Irked Momma

    A Not Much of Anything Weekend « Life As We Know It said:
    October 24, 2011 at 10:19 am

    […] did get the bill from the fixing the kitchen drain, made me happy. It was about $200 less than I thought it was going to […]

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