I Love My Kiddo

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After a kinda-sorta rough weekend…my son showers me with hugs, kisses, and laughter last night and this morning.

Lately GW has been a little rough with me. Hitting, pinching, pulling my hair and not listening. Logically, I know he loves me. Illogically, it feels like he hates me. Logically, I know he is trying to vent some thing (grief, anger, something). Illogically, it feels like he has it out for me.

TD had Friday off. We took some time together, it was nice. We did some errands and driving around. We saw a house for sale and took a look at it Sunday. After we had talked about it all weekend, we thought we had decided we probably wouldn’t buy it. We liked that it had 5 acres, but was locked. We couldn’t purchase any more land around the house. When we went back on Sunday and looked at it, we were much more interested. The current owner has a lot of environmental allergies so the house was built very green. We both could see our furniture in the house. We both had a lot of pros and cons to the house and property. We aren’t really looking until spring, so if it is still for sale then…we may think a little more seriously about it.

Other than that we have a pretty boring weekend. I think I will enjoy the lull before the holiday madness begins.

Happy Halloween!

Dragon Slaying Pirate

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One thought on “I Love My Kiddo

    happykidshappymom said:
    November 2, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Sorry you had a rough weekend — I hope things have turned a corner, now that we’re in November! Your little guy looks so cute in his halo. Just adorable. And so proud!

    I think that boys are just naturally rough. They like to jump and hit and bang things… a friend of mine coined it this way: “A boy figures out the world by seeing how hard he can hit it until it breaks.”

    Hang in there! 🙂

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