6 Things I Love Right This Moment

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1) Can you guess what number one is? I have only been extolling its virtues for months on end before finally receiving two of them! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! The correct answer is my Keurig! This thing makes me so happy. I have had coffee, tea, latte’s, hot chocolate…all very yummy.

2) My new hair products. I have been using the Loreal Sulfate-Free products and love them. They make my hair look and feel almost as nice as the salon products I wish I could afford.

3) Speaking of hair…I love that I am on regular 6-week schedule for getting my hair done.

4)Books. Real books or e-books, I am not picky. I love to read and have a mixture of real and e-books

5) Watching movies with GW, like Aladdin, for the first time and that he laughs at things he finds funny.


Toddler Tales

Tobzilla: Daddy does your finger go far away?
Daddy: Well, I guess it can, but, I have to follow it. Hey, you trying to tell me to follow my finger far away?
Tobzilla: <Giggle>
Me: <snort laughing>

Tobzilla commented on his water:

T: (pointing to his sippy of water) my water has 2 sicknesses in it.

Me: really? What sicknesses are in it.

T: it has my coughs in my water…

Me: and what else?

T:…and my pukes.

Just for reference, GW was sick this week and did puke.

Tobzilla is so excited about the snow,
T: “It should stick so daddy & I can build a Frosty! ”
Me: “We might only get a little snow. ”
T: “That is all we need, we can build a small Frosty”

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